All content on this demo site is fictional except editing hints and created to demonstrate the functions of the editor.

Right-click on any element to start editing.

Hidden elements
Compress images
Multipage editing
Save as new page
Upload / Delete files
Edit link (image)
Edit background image
Edit background color
Cannot copy item with id
You can not enlarge the picture more than its natural size
Dynamically generated content can not be modified
To switch the page, you need to save changes first
File name should't contain russian letters


To edit element marked with the dashed line, click right mouse button and select desired action. In case of element edit, a panel will appear above the element. After making changes, click the "APPLY" button. To save changes, hover icon and select prefered option.

Editing of invisible

To edit hidden elements, pop-ups, sliders, galleries, turn on the "HIDDEN ELEMENTS" switch. You will see all hidden items.

Image editing

While changing an image you will see two areas - light and dark. The dark area will be cut off after loading the image. You can resize areas by pulling the lower right edge of the area. The size of the light area can be changed from the "W" and "H" fields.

Saving new pages

All new pages are saved in the same folder as the edited page.


To move an element, you need to hold down the left mouse button and point to the desired element. When it is hovered, it will be highlighted. Release the button and save the page.


You can control the edit history not only with the buttons on the top bar, but also with the CTRL + Z (undo) and CTRL + Y (redo).


You have 5 attempts to authorize. If you exhaust them all, try again after 30 minutes.

File deletion

To delete files, hover the icon , select "download files". Click on the desired file, press the DELETE key. If you delete a folder, all attached files and folders will be deleted too.