Edit this paragraph

Press right mouse button on this sentence and choose "EDIT". You will see a blinking cursor in the text. Then just type something.

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Some title

Image editing

You can edit both ordinary pictures and background ones. Click the right mouse button to change an image, then "UPLOAD". Select the one you need and adjust it's size, if necessary. After that click "APPLY". The image will be automatically compressed to speed up your website loading.

You can try to edit the image on the left.

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Projects done


Happy Clients


Real professionals


Cups of Coffee

You can swap elements whithin parent element. To understand how it works, try swapping items above.


Latest Completed Projects

December, 2019

Purity controls

The system consists of just one top panel with 7 buttons. This is enough to edit any website. Hover some panel element to see it's hint.

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December, 2019

Title editing

Press "H" in the top panel to edit title, keywords, description.

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December, 2018

System preferences

You can find settings icon ☰ in the top panel.

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Can't edit hidden items?

Switch "HIDDEN ELEMENTS" to "SHOW" in the settings. This mode disables all javascript code and styles, so you will be able to see all hidden content, like pop-ups, dialog windows, slider images. You need to save changes before switching between modes.

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